After watching the debate the first thing I recognize is once again we got nothing new from either candidate. President Obama was definitely more aggressive and did a much better job responding to the questions and Mitt Romney. Overall I think both men did a good job presenting their cases and policies they want to initiate. Some specifics are missing from both parties but I think we've all come to the resolution this is the best we're gonna receive. In this debate I don't see a real winner or dominating performance from either candidate. Unlike the first debate each candidate did a great job responding and formulating answers that will appease their respective bases. At this point watching the debate has reminded me there is nothing new to learn about either candidate, all we're getting is that last ditch effort from both that may show they're slightly different than we've peg them to be. The only clear point that has been made is they're exactly who we thought. Mitt Romney is a smart businessman who wants to run the country like a fortune 500 company, which means he wants to create an outline of objectives and sit down with his top people and fill in the details. The president wants to tell people what should be done and hope they see it his way with some small changes. For me I see this as a choice between a CEO of a billion dollar company and an intellectual with lots of great ideas but lacking the practical experience of seeing them succeed. I consider myself a future business leader of America and with that in mind the choice seems clear. As I've been told experience matters, and their is only one man in the race that has created an environment for successful economic growth and that should be the number one goal for the next president.


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